Non-Ferrous Metals
We buy aluminum, batteries, brass, carbide, computer boards, converters, copper, lead, radiators, stainless & more.
Roots & Herbs
We buy several different roots, herbs, bark and fungus, including Wild Eastern Ginseng.
Top prices paid!
Precious Metals
We buy all forms of silver and 10K and 14K gold. In addition, we purchase the gold, silver and platinum from electronic devices.
Licensed Pawnbroker
In addition to being licensed in the State of West Virginia, we specialize in the pawn of all legal firearms.
Non-Ferrous Materials

Non-Ferrous Metals

Top prices are paid for all non-ferrous metals. Various materials accepted include aluminum cans, aluminum wire and wheels, cast aluminum, alternators, ballast, batteries, brass, carbide, copper, catalytic converters, lead, radiators, stainless, transmissions and more.

Non-ferrous materials contain no iron, so a simple magnet test at home can help you decide if your items can be sold at New River Trading. If a magnet sticks to the item, it's because it contains iron, which is a ferrous material. Magnets don't stick to non-ferrous items.

New River Trading does accept 'dirty' non-ferrous materials. These are non-ferrous metals which contain some ferrous parts -- as an example,  aluminum window frames with steel screws.

Roots & Herbs

New River Trading purchases a wide variety of medicinal roots, herbs, bark and fungus. Items currently purchased include Beth Root, Black Cohosh, Bloodroot, Blue Cohosh, Chaga, Cherry Bark, Cranesbill, Ginseng, Goldenseal, Indian Turnip, Mayapple, Poke Root, Queen of the Meadow, Sassafras, Slippery Elm, Solomon Seal, Spignet, Star Grub, Stone Root, Virginia Snakeroot, Wild Hydrangea, Wild Yam, and Witch Hazel.

We adhere to all West Virginia regulations regarding the purchase of Ginseng. Please have your identification with you when selling roots and herbs.

Precious Metals

Precious Metals include gold, silver, coins, jewelry and more. Many electronic devices which have circuit boards, connectors and computer chips (computers, cell phones, etc.). Some of these small parts contain amounts of gold and silver. In addition, some hard drives and circuit board components also contain platinum.

If you're unsure about how to extract the precious metals from your electronics, bring the entire unit to our shop and we'll take it apart for you.

Licensed Pawnbroker

We specialize in the pawn of legal firearms. Contact us, or stop by our Summersville location for more information.
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